World Cup Hackathon in India

Neo4j is creating a World Cup data set which includes historic data and relates world cups, matches, players, countries, stadiums and more.

Neo4j meetup groups around the world will create GraphGists to extract insights and/or extend the model to make it even more interesting. We want to participate with an all-indian meetup on this topic.

We are a fairly large group in India so the thought is to engage in a "distributed" meetup where one can join in individually, or form smaller teams/groups in your city. We'd like participants to talk/discuss stuff via a common Hangout. If we have a fair amount of participants, we'll run a mini contest within Neo4j India and the winners model will be showcased.

The tentative date is Friday, June 20, 9pm to midnight (ending just in time to catch the Uruguay/England match). Other suggestions welcome for dates June 20 or June 21 only.

Luanne Misquitta

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